A coffee

A coffee shop owner blends a gourmet brand of coffee with a cheaper brand. Gourmet coffee usually sells for R420,00 per kilogram, while the cheaper brand sells for R180,00 per kilogram. How much of each type should be mixed to have 30 kilograms of coffee worth R240,00 per kilogram?

Correct answer:

a =  7.5 kg
b =  22.5 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

m=30 kg  a+b=m 420.00 a+180.00 b=240.00 m a+b=30 420.00 a+180.00 b=240.00 30  a+b=30 420a+180b=7200  Pivot:Row1Row2 420a+180b=7200 a+b=30  Row24201 Row1Row2 420a+180b=7200 0.57b=12.86  b=0.5714285712.85714286=22.5 a=4207200180b=4207200180 22.5=7.5=7.5 kg  a=215=7.5 b=245=22.5

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