Coffee shop

The coffee shop brought two types of coffee total of 50 kg. The first type was CZK 220 per kilogram, and the second type was 300 CZK per 1 kg. All the coffee traders earned CZK 12,000. How many kilograms of coffee of the first type and how many kilograms of coffee of 2nd type were brought shop?

Correct answer:

x =  37.5 kg
y =  12.5 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

x+y=50 220x+300 y=12000  x+y=50 220 x+300 y=12000  x+y=50 220x+300y=12000  Pivot:Row1Row2 220x+300y=12000 x+y=50  Row22201 Row1Row2 220x+300y=12000 0.36y=4.55  y=0.363636364.54545455=12.5 x=22012000300y=22012000300 12.5=37.5=37.5 kg  x=275=37.5 y=225=12.5

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