Symmetry by plane

Determine the coordinates of a image of point A (3, -4, -6) at a symmetry that is determined by the plane x-y-4z-13 = 0


x =  1
y =  -2
z =  2


r:xy4z13=0 A(3,4,6)  n=s n=(1,1,4) p:x=t+a;y=t+b;z=4t+c;tR  3=t+a 4=t+b 6=4 t+c t=1  a+t=3 bt=4 c4t=6 t=1  a=2 b=3 c=2 t=1  p:x=t+2;y=t3;z=4t2;tR  p(t=1)=A  x=1+a=1+2=1r:x-y-4z-13=0 \ \\ A(3,-4,-6) \ \\ \ \\ n=s \ \\ n=(1,-1,-4) \ \\ p: x=t+a; y=-t+b; z=-4t + c; t \in R \ \\ \ \\ 3=t + a \ \\ -4=-t + b \ \\ -6=-4 \cdot \ t + c \ \\ t=1 \ \\ \ \\ a+t=3 \ \\ b-t=-4 \ \\ c-4t=-6 \ \\ t=1 \ \\ \ \\ a=2 \ \\ b=-3 \ \\ c=-2 \ \\ t=1 \ \\ \ \\ p: x=t+2; y=-t-3; z=-4t-2; t \in R \ \\ \ \\ p(t=-1)=A' \ \\ \ \\ x=-1+a=-1+2=1
z=4 (1)+c=4 (1)+(2)=2z=-4 \cdot \ (-1)+c=-4 \cdot \ (-1)+(-2)=2

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