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A coach took his team out for pizza after their last game. There were 14 players, so they had to sit in smaller groups at different tables. Six players sat at one table and got four small pizzas to share equally. The other players sat at a different table and got six small pizzas to share equally. Afterward, one of the players said it wasn't fair because some kids got more pizza than others. Do you agree? (Write yes=1, no=0) Use numbers, words, or labeled sketches to explain your answer.

Correct answer:

x =  1

Step-by-step explanation:

a=4/6=320.6667 b=6/(146)=43=0.75  a<b  x=1

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Dr Math
Yes, the first group ate a smaller piece of pizza than the second group.

4 years ago  2 Likes
thx for this!

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