Brooke divided 2/3 by 1/6 and got 1/9. Her classmate told her that she wasn't correct. What do you think went wrong with Brooke's solution? Explain your answer in 2 - 3 sentences.

Correct answer:

x =  4

Step-by-step explanation:

a=2/3=320.6667 b=1/6=610.1667  x1=a b=0.6667 0.1667=910.1111  x=a/b=0.6667/0.1667=4   Verifying Solution:  c=1/b=1/0.1667=6  x2=a c=0.6667 6=4 x2=x

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Brooke, instead of division, performs multiplication.  To divide by  1/6, he needs to multiply by reciprocal of 1/6, which is 6. So he misses making of reciprocal of second fractions of division.

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