Two airports

Two airports are 2690 km away. From the first airport, the airplane flies at a speed of 600 km/h, from a second airplane at a speed of 780 km/h. When will they meet if they flew at 10:00? How far from the first airport?


t = 11:57 hh:mm Wrong answer
s1 =  1169.5652 km

Step-by-step explanation:

2690 = 600(t-10.00) + 780(t-10.00)
s1 = 600•(t-10.00)

2690 = 600•(t-10.00) + 780•(t-10.00)
s1 = 600•(t-10.00)

1380t = 16490
s1-600t = -6000

s1 = 26900/23 ≈ 1169.565217
t = 1649/138 ≈ 11.949275

Our linear equations calculator calculates it.
s1=1169.5652=1169.5652 km

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