Calculate the weighted-average cost of the following inventory purchases:

Date Quantity Purchased Cost per Unit
May 4 33 $12.25
May 11 41 $13.87
May 29 37 $11.99

Correct answer:

m =  12.7617 USD

Step-by-step explanation:

w1=33 w2=41 w3=37  x1=12.25 x2=13.87 x3=11.99  m=w1+w2+w3w1 x1+w2 x2+w3 x3=33+41+3733 12.25+41 13.87+37 11.99=12.7617 USD

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Showing 2 comments:
the symbolic equation is for the average and not the weighted average. Step-by-step explanation is correct though

formula for the weighted average fixed. Thanks

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