Salome bought 4 3/5 kilograms of oranges, 1 kilogram for 2 1/2 GEL (currency Georgian Lari), and 5 1/4 kilograms of apples, 1 kilogram for 1 4/5 GEL. In which fruit did Salome pay more, and by how much?

Correct answer:

x =  21 110 = 211/10 GEL

Step-by-step explanation:

m1=453=4+53=54 5+3=520+3=523=4.6 kg p1=221=2+21=22 2+1=24+1=25=2.5 GEL/kg  m2=531=5+31=35 3+1=315+1=3165.3333 kg p2=154=1+54=51 5+4=55+4=59=1.8 GEL/kg  c1=m1 p1=523 25=5 223 5=10115=223=11.5 GEL c2=m2 p2=316 59=3 516 9=15144=548=9.6 GEL  x=c1+c2=223+548=10115+1096=10115+96=10211=10211 GEL=21101 GEL=21.1 GEL

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