Bernoulli trial

A used car saleswoman estimates that each time she shows a customer a car, there is a probability of 0.1 that the customer will buy the car. The saleswoman would like to sell at least one car per week. If showing a car is a Bernoulli trial with a probability of 0.95 of at least one sale,
(i) how many cars would the saleswoman show per week?
(ii) calculate the probability of exactly three sales per week.

Correct answer:

p1 =  0

Step-by-step explanation:

p0=10.1=0.9 P1=1(01)p00(1p0)10=1(01)0.90(10.9)10=10.900.11=109=0.9 P2=1(02)p00(1p0)20=1(02)0.90(10.9)20=10.900.12=10099=0.99 P3=1(03)p00(1p0)30=1(03)0.90(10.9)30=10.900.13=1000999=0.999 p1=P4=1(04)p00(1p0)40=1(04)0.90(10.9)40=10.900.14=0.9999=0

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