In the confectionery, the price for 1 kg of pistachio candies cost CZK 360, and the price for 1 kg of hazelnut candies was CZK 280. Mixing these two types of sweets created a box of chocolates. How many grams of pistachios and hazelnut candies were in the box of 200 g if you know that the resulting mixture was sold at 300 CZK per 1kg?

Correct answer:

p =  50 g
o =  150 g

Step-by-step explanation:

m=200 g  360p+280o=300 m p+o=m 360p+280o=300 200 p+o=200  360 p+280 o=300 200 p+o=200  280o+360p=60000 o+p=200  Row22801 Row1Row2 280o+360p=60000 0.29p=14.29  p=0.2857142914.28571429=50 o=28060000360p=28060000360 50=150  o=150 p=50=50 g

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