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The client paid the three partners CZK 90,000 for the completed contract. 40% of this amount was the material and 23% that the remaining amounts were paid for insurance and taxes. They divided the rest of the money in the ratio of 2:3:5. What amount did each get?

Correct answer:

a =  8316 Kc
b =  12474 Kc
c =  20790 Kc

Step-by-step explanation:

x=90000 Kc r=40%=10040=52=0.4 d=23%=10023=0.23  y=xr x=900000.4 90000=54000 Kc z=yd y=540000.23 54000=41580 Kc  a:b:c=2:3:5  k=2+3+5z=2+3+541580=4158 Kc a=2 k=2 4158=8316 Kc
b=3 k=3 4158=12474 Kc
c=5 k=5 4158=20790 Kc

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