Pardubická 4651

Jirka decided to divide the winnings from the bet in Velká Pardubická between himself and his three younger brothers according to age in the ratio of 2:3:5:7. They paid each amount in whole crowns. One of the amounts was CZK 679. How big was the win?

Correct answer:

x =  1649 Kc

Step-by-step explanation:

679 = 7 × 97 k=2+3+5+7=17  679 = 7x/k x=679/7 k=679/7 17=1649=1649 Kc a=2/k x=2/17 1649=194 b=3/k x=3/17 1649=291 c=5/k x=5/17 1649=485 d=7/k x=7/17 1649=679 t=a+b+c+d=194+291+485+679=1649

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