The inheritance

Dad initially decided to bequeath the money to his two sons so that they would share it 8:7 (older and younger). Then he changed his mind and divided the same amount in the ratio of 11:9 (older and younger). This step increased the inheritance value for the older son by 925 tolars.

How much did the father send to both sons together?

Correct answer:

x =  55500

Step-by-step explanation:

8+78 x + 925 = 11+911 x  158 x + 925 = 2011 x  8 20 x+15 20 925 = 15 11 x  160x + 277500 = 165 x  5x = 277500  x=277500/5=55500

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The problem states that the value change was 925 but solution used 825. A: Yes, minor bug in constant fixed. Thank you!

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