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A poultry company received a thousand chickens with an average weight of 1.7 kg at CZK 50/kg. During the day, the company sold 300 chickens for 24 thousand. CZK. What was the average weight of unsold chickens?

Correct answer:

m3 =  1.7429 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

n=1000 m1=1.7 kg c=50 Kc/kg  n2=300 c2=24000 Kc M2=c2/c=24000/50=480 kg m2=M2/n2=480/300=58=1.6 kg  M3=n m1M2=1000 1.7480=1220 kg n3=nn2=1000300=700  m3=M3/n3=1220/700=1.7429 kg

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