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The statements are sold in cardboard boxes – for example, the microwave oven box has dimensions of 52 cm, 32 cm, and 40 cm, and 0.4 m2 of cardboard is added to the folds. How many square meters of cardboard are needed for 1,000 boxes?

Correct answer:

S =  1404.8 m2

Step-by-step explanation:

a=52 cm m=52:100  m=0.52 m b=32 cm m=32:100  m=0.32 m c=40 cm m=40:100  m=0.4 m  S1=0.4 m2 S2=2 (a b+b c+c a)=2 (0.52 0.32+0.32 0.4+0.4 0.52)=625628=1.0048 m2 n=1000  S=1000 (S1+S2)=1000 (0.4+1.0048)=1404.8 m2

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