Jimmy 2

Jimmy spent 3/4 of his money on a slice of pizza and 1/2 of the remainder on drinks. After paying for the slice of pizza and drinks, he had P 24 left. How much money did Jimmy have at the beginning?

Correct answer:

x =  192 Php

Step-by-step explanation:

x43 x21 (x43 x)=24  x3/4 x1/2 (x3/4 x)=24  0.5x=96  x=0.596=192=192 Php  x=192   Verifying Solution:  p=3/4 x=3/4 192=144 d=1/2 (xp)=1/2 (192144)=24 r=xpd=19214424=24 php

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