Dinesh 2

Dinesh left town L for town M at a constant speed and took 10 hours to complete the journey. At the same time, Saanvi left town M for town L and travelled at a constant speed and took 6 hours to complete the journey. They both passed each other at a point 72 km from town L.

a) What is the distance between town L and M?

b) What was Saanvi's speed for the whole journey?

Correct answer:

x =  192 km

Step-by-step explanation:

x1=72 km x=x1+x2  t1=10 h t2=6 h  x = v1 t1 x = v2 t2  x1 = v1 t xx1 = v2 t  x1 = (x/t1) t xx1 = (x/t2) t  (xx1) / x1 = (x/t2) / (x/t1)  (xx1) / x1 = t1/t2  xx1 = x1   t1/t2  x=x1+x1 t2t1=72+72 610=192   Verifying Solution:  v1=x/t1=192/10=596=19.2 km/h v2=x/t2=192/6=32 km/h  t=x1/v1=72/19.2=415=3.75 h x2=xx1=19272=120 km  T1=x/v1=192/19.2=10 h T2=x/v2=192/32=6 h T1=t1, T2=t2 X1=v1 t=19.2 3.75=72 km X2=v2 t=32 3.75=120 km x1=X1, x2=X2

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