Two cyclists 2

At the same time, two cyclists left the towns A and B at constant speeds. The first one going from town A to town B, and the second one from town B to town A. At one point of the trip they met. After they met, the first cyclist arrived at town B in 36min, the second cyclist arrived at town A in 25min. How long did it take for the first cyclist to reach the meeting point after leaving town A?

Correct answer:

t1 =  30 min

Step-by-step explanation:

s1=v1 t1=v2 25 s2=v1 36=v2 t2 t1=t2  v1 t1=v2 25 v1 36=v2 t1  t1/36=25/t1 t12=25 36=900  t1=25 36=30 min

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