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Create a new drink can that will double the volume of the original can used. Dimensions of the can: 6cm diameter and 10cm height. You are to double the volume with the least amount of additional aluminum needed for the new can.

There are 3 options :

Option A: Create a wider can. This doubles the diameter while keeping the height the same.

Option B: Create a taller can. This doubles the height while keeping the diameter the same.

Option C creates twin identical cans. This simply packages two of the original-sized cans together with plastic.

Determine which 2 of the 3 options listed above does not meet the requirement of" doubling the volume with the least amount of additional aluminum."

Correct answer:

A =  603.1858 cm2
B =  433.5398 cm2
C =  490.0885 cm2

Step-by-step explanation:

d=6 cm h=10 cm  r1=d/2=6/2=3 cm h1=h=10 cm  S1=2π r12+2π r1 h1=2 3.1416 32+2 3.1416 3 10245.0442 cm2 V1=π r12 h1=3.1416 32 10282.7433 cm3  r2=d=6 cm h2=h=10 cm  A=2π r22+2π r2 h2=2 3.1416 62+2 3.1416 6 10603.1858 cm2 cm2 V2=π r22 h2=3.1416 62 101130.9734 cm3
r3=r1=3 cm h3=2 h=2 10=20 cm B=2π r32+2π r3 h3=2 3.1416 32+2 3.1416 3 20433.5398 cm2 V3=π r32 h3=3.1416 32 20565.4867 cm3
C=2 S1=2 245.0442490.0885 cm2 V4=2 V1=2 282.7433565.4867 cm3

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