2-cycle engines require a mixture of oil and gas to run properly. For every gallon of gas, a certain 2-cycle engine requires 1 1/4 fl oz of oil. How much oil must be added to prepare 3 1/2 gallons of gas to get the proper mixture?

Correct answer:

o2 =  4 38 = 35/8 oz

Step-by-step explanation:

g1=1 gal o1=141=1+41=41 4+1=44+1=45=1.25 oz  g2=321=3+21=23 2+1=26+1=27=3.5 gal  g1:o1 = g2:o2 = const o1:g1 = o2:g2  o2=o1 g1g2=45 127=835 oz=483 oz=4.375 oz

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