Temperature 83492

How much heat is needed to turn 1kg of ice at a temperature of -10℃ into steam at a temperature of 100℃?

Correct answer:

Q =  3035 kJ

Step-by-step explanation:

m=1 kg t1=10 °C t2=100 °C  l=334 kJ/kg s=2260 kJ/kg  c1=2.1 kJ/kg/°C c2=4.2 kJ/kg/°C t3=0 °C  Q1=m c1 (t3t1)=1 2.1 (0(10))=21 kJ Q2=m l=1 334=334 kJ Q3=m c2 (t2t3)=1 4.2 (1000)=420 kJ Q4=m s=1 2260=2260 kJ  Q=Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4=21+334+420+2260=3035 kJ

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