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Calculate the area of ​​a rectangular garden if it consumed 266 ordinary meters of mesh on its fencing and if we know that the difference between the lengths of two adjacent sides of the garden is 15 m.

Correct answer:

S =  4366 m2

Step-by-step explanation:

o=266 bm  ab=15 2(a+b)=266  ab=15 2 (a+b)=266  ab=15 2a+2b=266  Pivot:Row1Row2 2a+2b=266 ab=15  Row221 Row1Row2 2a+2b=266 2b=118  b=2118=59 a=22662b=22662 59=74  a=74 b=59  S=a b=74 59=4366 m2

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