Computer revolution

When we started playing with computers, the first processor, which I remember was the Intel 8080 from 1974, with the performance of 0.5 MIPS.

Calculate how much percent of a year rose CPU performance when Intel 486DX from 1992 has 54 MIPS.

What would be the consumption of a normal car now (2018) if consumption declined at the same rate from 10 liters per 100 km (round to 3 decimal places)?

Correct answer:

p2 =  61.9906 %
Q2 =  0 l

Step-by-step explanation:

y=19921974=18 n=54/0.5=108  n = qy  ln n y ln q  q=lnylnn=ln18ln1081.6199  q = 1+p2/100  p2=100 (q1)=100 (1.61991)=61.9906%
Q1=10.0 l/1 n2=q20181974=1.6199201819741650268341.3116  Q2=Q1/n2=10/1650268341.3116=0 l

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