Price of state

Estimate the cost of the state based on the following reasons. State price is expressed as a percentage of share in the redistribution of national GDP.

Employee creates monthly value € 868 (super-gross wage). Then, tax him 35.2% employer contributions (the gross wage). Then tax him again 19% income tax and levies 14%. It has been called the net wage. When he spends net wage in a month, the stores will pay 20% VAT.

How many euros do you pay through various taxes and levies from their work to pay the state? As a percentage and an amount of money (figures are streamlined according to the state in 2013 the Slovak Republic).

Correct answer:

p =  65.27 %
x =  566.52 Eur

Step-by-step explanation:

x=868p=566.52 Eur

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