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Slovak levy system makes the gross wage deductions from your pay state employees. It has two components - part employee pays and part pays by the employer. Suppose that the super gross wage paid 21% employer. After deducting these contributions, we receive gross wages. From it, get off an additional 11%, and the employee receives a net salary. Calculate gross and net wages if super-gross wage (total labor cost) is 1212 Euros.

Correct answer:

h =  957.48 Eur
c =  852.16 Eur

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=100%21%=110021=0.79  h=1212 r1=1212 0.79=957.48 Eur
r2=100%11%=110011=0.89  c=h r2=957.48 0.89=852.16 Eur

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