University bubble

You'll notice that the college is up slowly every other high school. In Slovakia/Czech Republic, a lot of people are studying political science, mass media communication, social work, many sorts of management MBA. Calculate how many times more earns clever 25-year-old mason with a daily net income of 114 Euros as a political scientist with a monthly net income of 435 Eur. Month = 22 working days. PS Certainly, there is the form of a bubble in university education. Some universities churn out essentially unemployable people with the academic title. Conversely, demand fields such as dentistry, general medicine, computer science, engineering suffer from a lack of candidates, especially for its hard study. Therefore, when deciding whether to go or not to go to university, think mainly so that if I can find someone (i.e., employer) who I will voluntarily pay wages for work performed. On the other hand, it is clear that a politician and computer engineer needs housing, and mason will still be desired. Just as there will always be sought-after food & energy... From the perspective of universities goes back money because they have money for students and not for the fact that students learn something useful. Therefore, studying simple school programs with low cost and high school level, because they rely on rule title as the title and in fact, the title is worthless today and your future employer/customer/business partner will want to see your work (portfolio) and not worthless piece of paper on the formal state education. That piece of paper is like someone when you push to the government agencies (in Slovak/Czech countries), either by reputation.

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x =  5.77

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