Greek railwayman

Lewis works for the Slovak railways since 2000. His salary is 950 €. His colleague, Evgenias works in the Greek State Railways from 1984. Evgenias earns 5700 € per month.

a) how many times does Evgenias earn more than Lewis?
b) how many times does Evgenias earn more than Lewis, if Evgenias has both the 13th and 14th salary and Lewis does not?
c) how many euros does Evgenias earn more than Lewis?
d) how many days of the year does Evgenias need to work to earn as much as Lewis if they work 7.5 hours a day?
e) by what percentage does Evgenias have a higher salary than Lewis?
f) by what percentage does Lewis have a lower salary than Evgenias?

Correct answer:

A =  6
B =  7
C =  4750 eur
D =  60 d
E =  500 %
F =  83.3 %

Step-by-step explanation:

s=950 g=5700 A=g/s=5700/950=6
B=(14 g)/(12 s)=(14 5700)/(12 950)=7
C=gs=5700950=4750 eur
D=365 s/g=365 950/5700=60 d
E=100 sC=100 9504750=950100 4750=950475000=500%
F=100 gC=100 57004750=5700100 4750=5700475000=83.3%

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