Permutations without repetition

The calculator calculates the number of permutations of n elements. Number of permutations is the number of ways to choose a sample of n elements from a set of n distinct objects where order does matter and repetition are not allowed. There are n! (n factorial) ways of arranging n objects into an ordered sequence.



Vk(n)=(nk)!n!  n=10 k=4  V4(10)=(104)!10!=6!10!=10987=5040

The number of variations: 5040

A bit of theory - the foundation of combinatorics


The permutation is a synonymous name for a variation of the nth class of n-elements. It is thus any n-element ordered group formed of n-elements. The elements are not repeated and depend on the order of the elements in the group.


A typical example is: We have 4 books, and in how many ways can we arrange them side by side on a shelf?

Foundation of combinatorics in word problems

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