Roman numerals 2-

Subtract up the number writtens in Roman numerals. Write the results as a roman numbers.


CLXXXII - LXXXVI = (Correct answer is: XCVI) Wrong answer
DCXXVIII - DLXXXI = (Correct answer is: XLVII) Wrong answer
CMXXXVIII - LIV = (Correct answer is: DCCCLXXXIV) Wrong answer
CLXXVIII - CXXXIX = (Correct answer is: XXXIX) Wrong answer
CDXIII - CCXXVII = (Correct answer is: CLXXXVI) Wrong answer
CCCXXV - LXXII = (Correct answer is: CCLIII) Wrong answer
XXVI - XXV = (Correct answer is: I) Wrong answer
DCXXXI - CCVIII = (Correct answer is: CDXXIII) Wrong answer
DCCCLXXX - CXXI = (Correct answer is: DCCLIX) Wrong answer
DCCCXX - DCCLXXXIII = (Correct answer is: XXXVII) Wrong answer


CLXXXII - LXXXVI = 182 - 86 = 96 = XCVI
DCXXVIII - DLXXXI = 628 - 581 = 47 = XLVII
CMXXXVIII - LIV = 938 - 54 = 884 = DCCCLXXXIV
CLXXVIII - CXXXIX = 178 - 139 = 39 = XXXIX
CDXIII - CCXXVII = 413 - 227 = 186 = CLXXXVI
CCCXXV - LXXII = 325 - 72 = 253 = CCLIII
XXVI - XXV = 26 - 25 = 1 = I
DCXXXI - CCVIII = 631 - 208 = 423 = CDXXIII
DCCCLXXX - CXXI = 880 - 121 = 759 = DCCLIX
DCCCXX - DCCLXXXIII = 820 - 783 = 37 = XXXVII

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