Apples and pears

Apples cost 50 cents a piece, pears 60 cents a piece, bananas cheaper than pears. Grandma bought five pieces of fruit. There was only one banana, and I paid 2 euros 75 cents. How many apples and how many pears?

Correct answer:

j1 =  0
h1 =  4
j2 =  1
h2 =  3
j3 =  2
h3 =  2

Step-by-step explanation:

50j+60h+b 1=275 j+h+1=5 b<60 j0 b1=35, h1=4, j1=0 b2=45, h2=3, j2=1 b3=55, h3=2, j3=2  j1=0

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