Equation 2x2+bx82=0 has one root x1 = -8. Determine the coefficient b and the second root x2.

Correct answer:

b =  -26.25
x2 =  -5.13

Step-by-step explanation:

b=(2 8 8+82)/8=26.25
2x226.25x82=0 2x2+26.25x+82=0  a=2;b=26.25;c=82 D=b24ac=26.2524282=33.0625 D>0  x1,2=2ab±D=426.25±33.06 x1,2=6.5625±1.4375 x1=5.125 x2=8   Factored form of the equation:  2(x+5.125)(x+8)=0 

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