Circle arc

The circle segment has a circumference of 135.26 dm and 2096.58 dm2 area. Calculate the radius of the circle and the size of the central angle.

Correct answer:

r =  31.0007 dm
f =  250 °

Step-by-step explanation:

a r=135.26 r2 a/2=2096.58  r2 (135.26/r)/2=2096.58  135.26r=4193.16  r=135.264193.16=31.00073932  r=31.000739  a=135.26/r=135.26/31.00074.3631 rad  r=31.0007=31.0007 dm
f=a  °=a π180   °=4.3631 π180   °=250  °=250=249°5918"

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