Washing powder

A 10-kilogram pack of washing powder is M euros more expensive than a 5-kilogram pack of the same powder. A 5-kilogram package costs P euros. Five kilos of packaging is not worth it because it is more expensive than half the price of 10 kilos. How much is 1 kg of a 10-kilogram pack cheaper than 1 kg of a 5-kilogram pack? Express the result using the parameters M and P.

Correct answer:

p = % 50 * (P-M)/P

Step-by-step explanation:

m5 = P m10 = M+m5 = M+P m5 > m10/2 p = 100   m5/5m5/5m10/10 p = 100   m5m5m10/2 p = 100   PP(M+P)/2 p = 100   2P2PMP p = 100   2PPM p = 50   PPM p=50 (PM)/P

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