Hemisphere - roof

The shape of the observatory dome is close to the hemisphere. Its outer diameter is 11 m. How many kilograms of paint and how many liters of thinner are used for its double coat if you know that 1 kg of paint diluted with 1 deciliter of thinner will paint an area of 7.3 m2?

Correct answer:

b =  52.073 kg
r =  5.2073 l

Step-by-step explanation:

D=11 m r=D/2=11/2=211=5.5 m  S0=4π r2=4 3.1416 5.52380.1327 m2 S=21 2 S0=21 2 380.1327380.1327 m2  S1=7.3 m2  b=S/S1=380.1327/7.3=52.073 kg
r1=b=52.07352.073 dl r=r1 l=r1:10  l=52.073:10  l=5.207 l=5.2073 l

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