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1. Find the dimensions of a 5-liter cylindrical container if the height of the container is equal to the radius of the base.

2. There is three dl of juice in a cylindrical glass with an inner diameter of 8 cm. Calculate the area of ​​the juice-soaked portion of the glass.

3. The can of cucumbers is cylindrical. Its height is 13 cm, and the diameter of the base is 12 cm. After filling with cucumbers, another two dl of infusion could be poured into it. Calculate the volume of canned cucumbers.

Correct answer:

r1 =  1.1675 dm
h1 =  1.1675 dm
S2 =  200.2655 cm2
V3 =  1270.2654 cm3

Step-by-step explanation:

V=5 l 1 l = 1 dm3 h1 = r1 V = π r12 h1 = π r1 3  r1=3V/π=35/3.1416=1.1675 dm
h1=r1=1.1675=1.1675 dm
D=8 cm V=3 dl cm3=3 100  cm3=300 cm3  r=D/2=8/2=4 cm Sp=π r2=3.1416 4250.2655 cm2  V = Sp   h2 h2=V/Sp=300/50.26555.9683 cm  S2=π D h2+Sp=3.1416 8 5.9683+50.2655=200.2655 cm2
h3=13 cm D3=12 cm Vu=2 dl cm3=2 100  cm3=200 cm3  r3=D3/2=12/2=6 cm V33=π r32 h3=3.1416 62 131470.2654 cm3  V3=V33Vu=1470.2654200=1270.2654 cm3

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