Area and two angles

Calculate the size of all sides and internal angles of a triangle ABC if it is given by area S = 501.9; and two interior angles α = 15°28' and β = 45°.

Correct answer:

C =  119.5333 °
a =  20.8592
b =  55.309
c =  68.0557

Step-by-step explanation:

A=15+6028=6015 60+6028=60900+6028=60900+28=60928=1523215.4667  B=45  C=180AB=1801523245=151793=119.5333=119°32

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S=501.9 a=k u b=k v c=k w  w=1 u:w = sin A: sin C u=w sin(A)/sin(C)=1 sin(15.4667°)/sin(119.5333°)0.3065  v:w = sin B: sin C v=w sin(B)/sin(C)=1 sin(45°)/sin(119.5333°)0.8127  s=(u+v+w)/2=(0.3065+0.8127+1)/21.0596 T=s (su) (sv) (sw)=1.0596 (1.05960.3065) (1.05960.8127) (1.05961)0.1084 k=S/T=501.9/0.108468.0557 a=k u=68.0557 0.3065=20.8592
b=k v=68.0557 0.8127=55.309
c=k w=68.0557 1=68.0557

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