Probability 30271

The probability of an adverse drug reaction is 2.1%. How many people need to be prescribed for one patient to experience side effects with a chance of 90%?

Correct answer:

n =  0

Step-by-step explanation:

q=2.1%=1002.1=0.021 p2=90%=10090=109=0.9  p2 = (1n) q1 (1q) n1 p2 = n q (1q) n1  0.9 = n 0.021 (10.021) n1 0.9 = n 0.021 (10.021) n1 42.857 = n   0.979 n1  C1(10)=(110)=1!(101)!10!=110=10  p10=(110) q1 (1q)(101)=10 0.0211 (10.021)(101)0.1735 C1(100)=(1100)=1!(1001)!100!=1100=100  p100=(1100) q1 (1q)(1001)=100 0.0211 (10.021)(1001)0.2569 C1(200)=(1200)=1!(2001)!200!=1200=200  p200=(1200) q1 (1q)(2001)=200 0.0211 (10.021)(2001)0.0615 C1(1000)=(11000)=1!(10001)!1000!=11000=1000  p1000=(11000) q1 (1q)10001=1000 0.0211 (10.021)100011.3006108  n=0

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