Statistics quiz

Fill in the missing word
1. in a data set, the mean, median and mode are measured of ________________
2. "The manipulation of variables under controlled conditions"is the data collection method known as______________
3. in a normal distribution, the area between z=0.80 and z=2.80 is_____________
4. a box contains 4red balls,6blue balls and 10 green balls. If a ball is randomly selected from the box, the probability of it not being blue is__________
5. the two outcomes of a binomial experiment must be mutually____and completely_________
6. the most passive data collection method is known____________
7. the number of houses on a street is quantitative and____________
8. In linear regression and correlation, a Pearson's correlation coefficient of -0.35 indicate a_______and relationship between the independent and dependent variables.


A = (Correct answer is: central tendency) Wrong answer
B = (Correct answer is: ) OK
C =  0.2093
D =  0.7
E1 = (Correct answer is: exclusive) Wrong answer
E2 =  100 %
F = (Correct answer is: Direct observation) Wrong answer
G = (Correct answer is: weak negative) Wrong answer

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