An architect

An architect makes a model of a new house. The model shows a tile patio in the backyard. In the model, each tile has a length of 1/2 inch and a width of 1/6 inch. The actual tiles have a length of 2/3 feet and a width of 2/9 feet. What is the ratio of the length of a tile in the model to the length of the actual tile? What is the ratio of the area of a tile in the model to the area of an actual tile?

Correct answer:

k1 =  1:16
k2 =  1:288

Step-by-step explanation:

a=1/2=21=0.5 inch b=1/6=610.1667 inch  a2=2/3=320.6667 ft b2=2/8=41=0.25 ft  x=a2 inch=a2 12  inch=0.6667 12  inch=8 inch y=b2 inch=b2 12  inch=0.25 12  inch=3 inch  k1=a/x=0.5/8=161=0.0625=0.0625=1:16   Verifying Solution:  K1=b/y=0.1667/3=1810.0556 K1=k1
S1=a b=0.5 0.1667=1210.0833 inch2 S2=x y=8 3=24 inch2  k2=S1/S2=0.0833/240.0035=1:288

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6/8 x 5 in a model way


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