Coloured numbers

Mussel wrote four different natural numbers with colored markers: red, blue, green, and yellow. When the red number divides by blue, it gets the green number as an incomplete proportion, and yellow represents the remainder after this division. When it divides the blue number by green, its division comes out without a remainder, and the share is the yellow number. Mussel revealed that two of her four numbers are 97 and 101. Identify the other Mussel numbers and assign colors to each number. Find all the options.

Correct answer:

y =  97
g =  101
b =  9797
r =  989594
y1 =  101
g1 =  97
b1 =  9797
r1 =  950410

Step-by-step explanation:

97 ...  prime number 101 ...  prime number GCD(97,101)=1  d=GCD(97,101)=1 97 ...  prime number 101 ...  prime number LCM(97,101)=97101=9797  m=LCM(97,101)=9797  y=97
b=y g=97 101=9797
r=b g+y=9797 101+97=989594
b1=y1 g1=101 97=9797
r1=b1 g1+y1=9797 97+101=950410

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