Linear combination of complex

If z1=5+3i and z2=4-2i, write the following in the form a+bi

a) 4z1+6z2
b) z1*z2


x =  44
y = (Correct answer is: 26+2i) Wrong answer

Step-by-step explanation:

z1=5+3i z2=42i  x=4 z1+6 z2 x=4 (5+3i)+6 (42i) x=20+12i+2412i x=(20+24)+(1212)i x=44
y=z1 z2 y=(5+3i) (42i) 5 4+5 (2i)+3i 4+3i (2i) y=2010i+12i6i2 y=2010i+12i+6 y=20+6+i(10+12) y=26+2i

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