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How old is a mother if she is four times older than her daughter, and five years ago, she was even seven times older than her daughter? Today, a son is 30 years younger than a father. Seven years ago, a father was seven times older than a son. How old is a son today? How many years will a father be as old as his children together?

Correct answer:

m =  40
s =  12
x =  20

Step-by-step explanation:

m=4 d m5=7 (d5)  m5=7 (m/45)  3m=120  m=3120=40  m=40  d=m/4=40/4=10
s=o30 o7 = 7 (s7)  (s+30)7=7 (s7)  6s=72  s=672=12  s=12  o=s+30=12+30=42
o+x=(s+x)+(d+x) 42+x=(12+x)+(10+x)  x=20  x=120=20  x=20

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