Megapizza will be divided among 100 people. First gets 1%, 2nd 2% of the remainder, 3rd 3% of the remainder, etc. Last 100th 100% of the remainder. Which person got the biggest portion?

Correct answer:

n =  10

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Dr Math
Perhaps a more elegant solution: The Kth person gets 99! / (99 - (k-1)! * K / 100exp (k). K + 1. The person gets 99! / (99 - k)! * (K + 1) / 100exp (k + 1) The ratio m (k + 1) / m (k) must be greater than one, ie: the next person in the order will receive a larger portion than the previous one.Applies to k = 1, 2, … 9. The 10th person gets the largest portion.

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