Tarzan, weighing m = 90 kg, tries to cross the river by swinging with a vine hanging from a tree leaning over the river. Liana has a length l = 12 m. The speed of the Tarzan in the lowest swing position is v = 8 m/s. Tarzan doesn't know that the liana will break when stretched with a force of F = 1000 N. Will Tarzan reach the other side of the river safely?



Step-by-step explanation:

m=90 kg l=12 m v=8 m/s F=1000 N g=9.81 m/s2  G=m g=90 9.81=108829=882109=882.9 N F1=lm v2=1290 82=480 N F2=F1+G=480+108829=10480 10+108829=104800+108829=104800+8829=1013629=1362.9 N  F2>F  x=0

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