Two boys

Two boys weighing 60kg and 90kg move on roller skates and are attracted to each other by a rope. One boy exerts a force of 15N. What force does the other boy exert? What accelerations will the boys gain? Do not consider friction or air resistance.

Correct answer:

F2 =  15 N
a1 =  0.25 m/s2
a2 =  0.1667 m/s2

Step-by-step explanation:

F1=15 N m1=60 kg m2=90 kg  F2=F1=15=15 N
F1=m1 a1 a1=F1/m1=15/60=0.25 m/s2
F2=m2 a2 a2=F2/m2=15/90=0.1667 m/s2

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