Immerse a thermometer with a heat capacity of 2.0 J. K-1 in water weighing 67.0 grams. Before water immersion, the thermometer showed a temperature of 17.8 degrees Celsius. After reaching equilibrium, the temperature is 32.4 degrees. What was the water temperature before the measurement?

Correct answer:

t =  32.505 °C

Step-by-step explanation:

m=67 g C=2.0 J/K c1=4.180 J/g/K t1=17.8 °C t2=32.4 °C t>t2>t1  m c1 (tt2)=C (tt1) 67 4.18 (t32.4)=2 (t17.8)  278.06t=9038.344  t=278.069038.344=32.50501331  t=32.505013=32.505°C

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