Fruit equation

Find how many peaches could be bought instead of buying one melon, one pear, one apple and two plums if
we know that:
• Melon and plum cost the same as three apples
• if we subtract the price of a pear from the price of peach, we get the price of plum
• Two peaches and one pear stand together just like a melon and an apple
• Apple and pear stand together just like plum and peach together.

Correct answer:

x =  4

Step-by-step explanation:

m+s=3 j bh=s 2 b+h=m+j j+h=s+b b=1  3jms=0 bhs=0 2b+hjm=0 bhj+s=0 b=1  Pivot:Row1Row3 2b+hjm=0 bhs=0 3jms=0 bhj+s=0 b=1  Row221 Row1Row2 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 bhj+s=0 b=1  Row421 Row1Row4 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 1.5h0.5j+0.5m+s=0 b=1  Row521 Row1Row5 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 1.5h0.5j+0.5m+s=0 0.5h+0.5j+0.5m=1  Row4Row2Row4 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 j+2s=0 0.5h+0.5j+0.5m=1  Row51.50.5 Row2Row5 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 j+2s=0 0.33333j+0.33333m+0.33333s=1  Row431 Row3Row4 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 0.33333m+1.66667s=0 0.33333j+0.33333m+0.33333s=1  Row530.33333333 Row3Row5 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 0.33333m+1.66667s=0 0.44444m+0.44444s=1  Pivot:Row4Row5 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 0.44444m+0.44444s=1 0.33333m+1.66667s=0  Row50.444444440.33333333 Row4Row5 2b+hjm=0 1.5h+0.5j+0.5ms=0 3jms=0 0.44444m+0.44444s=1 2s=0.75  s=20.75=0.375 m=0.4444444410.44444444444444s=0.4444444410.44444444 0.375=1.875 j=30+m+s=30+1.875+0.375=0.75 h=1.500.5j0.5m+s=1.500.5 0.750.5 1.875+0.375=0.625 b=20h+j+m=200.625+0.75+1.875=1  b=1 h=85=0.625 j=43=0.75 m=815=1.875 s=83=0.375  x=m+h+j+2 s=1.875+0.625+0.75+2 0.375=4

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