BTC bubble

One of the world's experts in bubbles -- Prof. Robert Shiller, a Yale economist -- said Bitcoin "was an amazing example of a bubble" back in 2014. If you exchanged fiat US dollars $100 to BTC in 2010, now in 2017, have a value of 72.9 million dollars. Find annual growth of the value of bitcoin currency (BTC) against the US Dollar. Conclude steep exponential growth.

Correct answer:

p =  587.9 %

Step-by-step explanation:

a=100 USD b=72.9 1000000=72900000 USD n=20172010=7 y q=(b/a)1/n=772900000/1006.8791 p=100 q100=100 6.8791100=587.9%

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Dr Math
on BTC now earn - exchanges, brokers, producers of miners, producer of electricity. Bitcoin network has enormous consumption of electricity, which all end user must pay...

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