Equation algebraogram

Solve the equation:

oco + ivo = cita

How much has the task of solutions?

Correct answer:

n =  18

Step-by-step explanation:

s1=919+189=1108 s2=919+199=1118 s3=919+289=1208 s4=919+299=1218 s5=919+389=1308 s6=919+399=1318 s7=919+489=1408 s8=919+499=1418 s9=919+589=1508 s10=919+599=1518 s11=919+689=1608 s12=919+699=1618 s13=919+789=1708 s14=919+799=1718 s15=919+889=1808 s16=919+899=1818 s17=919+989=1908 s18=919+999=1918  n=18

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