Tv dinner tray

I'm trying to calculate total possible unique potential combinations, but I'm trying to solve for a tv dinner tray with 4 little sections for one each of: meat, veggie, starch, dessert. What makes this more complex is we have different types of meats/veggies/starches/desserts and uneven amounts of the individual foods.

For instance, we have a fridge stocked with:
Meats: 5 chicken, 2 fish, 1 pork, 7 steak
Veggie: 8 broccoli, 2 kale, 5 carrot
Starch: 7 potatoes, 3 pastas, 2 rice, 3 yams
Desserts: 5 apple pies, 5 cherry pies, 5 ice creams

How can I calculate the unique combinations possible?

Correct answer:

n =  144

Step-by-step explanation:

n=4 3 4 3=144

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